Journal Assignment #2 PIPD 3240

PIDP 3240

Journal #2 – Jan 31/2014

Sabina Reitzik


According to Teaching Naked, p115 “Podcasts give students flexibility in how they absorb material and take notes, which leads to deeper engagement.”(Bowen, J. A. 2012). This book explains how moving technology out of your classroom will improve student learning. There is a chapter mainly devoted to the use of podcasts and how effective, flexible and time saving this digital technology can be. Also mentioned in an online article ( testing podcast impact and engagement on student learning mentioned that “the students who said they weren’t that motivated at the beginning of the class scored higher on the test when they listened to the podcast.”


Having read the chapter above from Teaching Naked and subsequent online articles it has peaked my interest in regards to using podcast as a teaching tool in my classroom because up until recently I had never listed to a podcast and didn’t really know what they were. Having downloaded the app on my phone for free I was given access to numerous pod casts ranging in all different topics and interests. My first reaction was that this is a great medium for me as I am an auditory and visual learner and I was able to pause, fast forward and play making it a custom lecture for me as some parts of the digital audio recording I needed to replay and other parts I was familiar with the content so I could speed ahead and not waste time. I think the thing that grabbed me the most was that it is flexible, portable and I enjoyed hearing an audio presentation. One of the Podcast recordings had three speakers and I found this kept my attention as the tones and inflections would change with each person and the subject matter flowed back and forth and I found myself very relaxed and open to learning. I think this could be a great tool to use in a course as it can cut down on lecture time in class and give the students more control to prioritize their time more effectively out of class.


I definitely think the future of education is going to be more student based and even more so “customized to them”. This is why I think podcast and vodcasts will only grow to become a bigger presence in schools (K-12) and colleges. Funding for Vancouver schools (K-12) will take awhile to catch up as they are reliant on government funding and Katie Hyslop from an online article ( claims that “in order to reach the service levels provided to students a decade ago…it would need another $47 million in government funding”. That is why Colleges and University’s will be leading the way to customizing individual course to students and I think podcasts will be a big part of the way they can do this. With podcasts the instructor can change / update the content at anytime. They don’t need to re record the whole section, they can go in and edit specific seconds in the recording, you can also customize and add extra topics to it. Ehow ( reports that “the technology is only going to increase in popularity as podcasting recording and listening devices become more prevalent”.


Having found out a little bit more about podcasts through researching YouTube, Wikis, online articles, assigned text book and now having the capabilities on my handheld mobile device I have already excepted change and look forward to creating a podcast for my student’s as I really do believe that this is a perfect way to customize a course to give students the flexibility they need and want and having the material delivered in away that the student will engage with the material on a more personal level making it an effective tool to deepen the engagement of the student. I could see myself using a podcast instead of handouts and in class lectures as I could have already pre- recorded it, saving myself and my students valuable in class time to spend more time on concepts and ideas. I would have all the assigned materials required for the class and pre class readings, audio notes and possible videos on the podcast as well as extra material which could count for extra marks.


Bowen, J. A. (2012). Teaching Naked: How Moving Technology Out of Your College Classroom Will Improve Student Learning. Jossey-Bass





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